"You're Not Alone"

A Feeling's Workbook with The Doodle Doc

“You’re Not Alone” is a feelings workbook designed from over 30 of the most beloved Doodles found on the Doodle Doc's Instagram page. The Doodles are included as journaling and meditative prompts to help you begin contemplating your inner child’s needs, trauma and attachment responses as well as your most important relationships, and ways to remain mindful during times of implicit stress. Your workbook will be reminiscent of your favorite childhood picture book and the little doodle characters will gently speak to the lost, repressed, or forgotten child within. You will be invited to join along with activities all the while helping you to return home to yourself in a loving, kind, supportive way.

Although this book is in the format of a Children’s book (7 x 7 glossy, 56 pages) it is a book for adults and/or their inner child. Tender topics such as trauma, attachment wounding, relationship rupture and repairs, and shame, are just some of the subjects touched upon with great gentleness for healing. A preview of the book is available at Blurb.com.

For Purchase In USA:

Purchase of this book is available only in the United States on this Website. You will receive a personalized, signed copy when you order your copy off of thedoodledoc.com website. Free Shipping in the USA.

For International Purchase:

For other countries please visit Blurb.com to purchase the book directly from them. The Blurb copies are not personally signed.

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