Doodle Course - Mindfulness & Self-Compassion

In this course you will learn to apply the techniques of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. The skills that you will learn will allow you to practice kind acceptance of your feelings and experience as you are experiencing. 

Concepts discussed include:

  • Doodling People - helping you find your right Doodle Person to represent your heart
  • Mindfulness - noticing your struggle
  • Self-Compassion - offering yourself compassion during your tough times
  • Struggling with difficult feelings - fighting feelings that leads to shame
  • Noticing your YES and your NO - recognizing openness and resistance within the body
  • Backdraft - what to do when difficult feelings emerge as you practice self-compassion
  • BONUS LESSONS - Self-Criticism & Body Scan Doodles

The course is presented with Doodle Lessons and you may follow along. As you Doodle along with the lecture the information integrates inside in a new way. Adding creativity helps us embody information.

Once you purchase your Doodle Lesson you will immediately receive an email with the link to access the course.

For this reason, no refunds or exchanges are available.

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