Doodle Course - Helping your Inner Critic

In this course you will learn about the protective nature of your Inner Critic. The skills that you will learn will allow you to hold compassion and understanding for both yourself and your Inner Critic when you hear their words. 

Concepts discussed include:

  • Doodling People - helping you find your right Doodle Person to represent your heart
  • Inner Critic - origin story and an intro as to who the Inner Critic is
  • The Inner Critic as a Perfectionist
  • Discussion of the ways your Inner Critic may be presenting in your life
  • Drawing your Inner Critic
  • How our Inner Critic is in charge of our "Comments Section"
  • Remembering who your really are for the hard days
  • BONUS LESSON - The Snowball Effect of the Inner Critic

The course is presented with Doodle Lessons and you may follow along. As you Doodle along with the lecture the information integrates inside in a new way. Adding creativity helps us embody information.

Once you purchase your Doodle Lesson you will immediately receive an email with the link to access the course.

For this reason, no refunds or exchanges are available.

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