Doodle Course - Holding Your Heavy Heart

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In this course you will learn to Notice and Hold Your Heavy Heart. The skills that you will learn will allow you to practice noticing what is in your heart and what you can release.

Concepts discussed include:

  • Doodling People - helping you find your right Doodle Person to represent you
  • A Heavy Heart - breaking down what is causing your heart to feel so full
  • Helping Your Heart - what you can release, what you might desire to ask for help with
  • "The Sunday Blues" - this course was filmed on a Sunday and we discuss the anticipatory anxiety that arises on Sundays in preparation for the following week

Follow along Color Pages with Journal Prompts are provided as pdf handouts.

The course is presented with Doodle Lessons and you may follow along. As you Doodle along with the lecture the information integrates inside in a new way. Adding creativity helps us embody information.

Once you purchase your Doodle Lesson you will immediately receive an email with the link to access the course.

For this reason, no refunds or exchanges are available.

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