One of THOSE days... finding that inner compassionate voice.

Do you ever have one of those days…

Either it feels that nothing goes right, there’s just too much to do, or everything you say comes out wrong.

We might start the day feeling very optimistic, “Today will be a good day!” And if you’re anything like me, some mishap occurs within the first few minutes of waking up… “Ugh! The toilet paper roll is empty?” “I spilled my coffee… again.” Life is riddled with small little incidents that can throw us off course. If we let them.

Tandy encourages the girl's positive self-belief. 

Each new day brings with it an opportunity for growth, many moments to try on a new way of responding to someone, more time for a renewed perspective. I feel a certain freedom come over me as I embrace the newness of a day. My morning routine eases my soul into my plan for the day. I am charged and certain that today, I can do it differently!

But alas, life has other plans. The car breaks down, the air conditioner at the office blows out again, there’s a misunderstanding in a conversation that needs to be cleared up, and we can just start feeling full and overwhelmed. Leading to a place of “I just can’t take another thing coming at me today!”

Tandy, the fox sees that the girl is overwhelmed and gently offers a solution.

This is the time when we need to dig deep and find that compassionate voice inside of ourselves that can provide a loving, kind, and gentle option for us. Think of the way you might speak to a friend or a child. We usually approach them with listening ears and great understanding. We listen to the difficult feelings they are expressing and attempt to meet them with what they need. Maybe some down time, a nap, a little time outside, any opportunity to step away and change the scenery for a bit. We all need compassion and understanding when we feel the most raw, not to continue to be pushed.

Tandy, the fox, was able to help the girl find alternate paths for her set day. The girl was relieved.

 This series of doodles shows Tandy providing the loving kindness to the girl in all the phases of her day. From her first start certainty that she is going to get it right this time, all the way through the final image where Tandy helps her “revise her script.”

Do you have that internal voice that will gently support you in all of the stages of your day? Of your life? We can cultivate that voice with practice. Some of the ways I grow my internal soother is to:

  • Meditate - start slow. Set your timer for 5 minutes and notice your breath. I breathe in. I breathe out.

  • Doodle - drawing shapes, lines, stick figures, swirls, activates the creative side of your brain. Therefore activating new creative solutions to old problems.

  • Journal - Prompt journaling or freehand, just allow yourself space on paper to unload frustrations, self-expectations, judgments, criticisms.

  • Time outside - Take a break — time away from your “normal routine” to explore a new surrounding. There’s a reason why schools give recess! It’s good for us to break things up and go outside!!

  • Switch things up a bit - If you go for walks around your neighborhood, change the route. If you always eat at a certain restaurant, yelp a new spot close by. Our brains need to be shaken alert sometimes. We become too familiar with “the same” and we miss options and opportunities. Listen to the reaction inside of yourself as you change something up.

  • Read inspirational messages - Grow your own personal quote book of all your favorites.

  • Practice gratitude - Feeling appreciative for all we have softens the howl inside to compete, perform, excel. Make a list of 3 things your grateful for each day. Feel your heart soften as you do.

  • Rest - When a child is tired we allow them to nap. We don’t make them stay up to do something. There is time later for everything. Honor your body. When you’re tired…rest.

May Tandy and the girl provide a sense of inspiration for you today. Listen to yourself. There’s time for everything. Honor you now.

xo ~ Dr. Trish.



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