Doodle Heart Exercise

email doodle 7.19.22

You may have days when checking inside with your Inner World may feel too broad, unending, or just plain overwhelming.

On those days I like to simplify.

This is a simple doodle exercise for you to practice checking in with yourself. All it requires is:

  • a piece of paper
  • pencil/pen
  • and that moment during the day when you notice your heart

As you are going about your day and feel that twinge, cringe, or ache inside... allow yourself to stop for just a moment. Take a breath. What do you notice in your heart? Now take another breath. Sketch your heart on a piece of paper, the side of your notebook while you're at work or school, on a napkin, or in your child's coloring book during playtime. Doodle your heart without trying to define it. Just experience the shape, size, texture, sound, and maybe even the color that your heart is experiencing in this moment of time.

I look to the "doodle your heart" exercise as a way to open curiosity when exploring which part of you is most prominent, affected, or responding in the moment.

  • If you feel your carefree heart, you may realize that a younger part of you is near.
  • If you feel your heart in a more detached or dissociated place, simply noticing and doodling your heart may help remind you of where you slipped away from yourself.
  • and so on....

Begin gently with your heart though. It is okay to draw without labeling.

As we allow our insight and creativity to take the lead, our heart often opens and becomes more willing to be known.

email doodle 1 7.19.22

As we allow ourselves to feel the different parts or compartments of our heart, we build our capacity to hold more of ourselves. 

Our container to be with ourselves grows... just like the little doodle girl's heart flower above.





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