Words have impact

Learning Unlearning journal page email 10.18.22

Many of us grew up being reminded that, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me."

Is that true? 🧐

I use my journal to explore old poems, song lyrics, and nursery rhymes.

I start with the words, add a little doodle person, and notice what bubbles up as the two meet.

  • What facial expression is my little doodle person asking to have?
  • Would they have a verbal response to the song lyric or nursery rhyme?
  • What is my body response as I work in my journal?

We may repeatedly recite a few words without taking in their true context and yet the essence of their deeper meaning may be stored at the core of our being.

...Often matching an experience in our lives.

For example, as I thought of the lullaby, "Hush Little Baby." I easily recalled the lyrics. I remembered a time in my life where it was difficult for me to know my own voice, let alone speak it. The words of the lullaby resonated with my memory and I added both to my journal. 

Learning Unlearning journal page email 10.18.22

I invite you to try this creative journaling page...

  1. Think of a song lyric, lullaby, or nursery rhyme that you know well (maybe by heart even)
  2. Pull out your journal and favorite art medium (markers, watercolors, collage, pen)
  3. Write down the lyrics or words on one side of the page 
  4. Begin to sketch, doodle, scribble on the other side of the page
  5. Notice any sensations arising from your Inner World
  6. Allow those to show up in your journal as well

Art Supplies used in this journal page...

Take care tender heart...



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