Doodle Lesson to help you ground yourself

Newsletter - drop a pin

Do you ever find your mind wandering during the day?

If you're like me, you find your mind meanders down many paths each day! 🤪

You may start out with a pleasant storyline and before you know it a familiar sense of dread, panic, or anger infiltrates your mind.

Uh oh... you were having a lovely morning walk, looking around and then out of no-where, there's the conversation you just had with your partner playing out in your mind again or maybe worry sets in about the meeting with your boss next week. 

There are countless scenarios of how our daydreams can become derailed when our thoughts take over.

As our daydreaming slips into the past or the future we often loose our sense of feeling grounded in the moment.

We can begin to feel grounded in our body by sending this simple reminder inside:

I am here now

The next time you find yourself out of the present moment, draw a pin to map your location!

I know... I know! It may feel difficult to map your location when you feel lost.

Newsletter - pin

So we start slowly:

  1. Scribble or draw a pin on a piece of scratch paper, a stickie note, or in your journal. When I'm trying to track my location, I tend to draw the pin you find on google maps.
  2. As you begin to feel comfortable drawing your pin, you can either add your doodle person or scenery around the pin as you begin to sense where you are in reference to your pin or you can start a new page with your doodle person or scenery and then drop your pin.
  3. Notice the sensations within your body as you claim your location when you doodle your pin. Do you feel shaky, settled, held, supported, uncertain, etc...? All feelings are welcome. Simply notice.
  4. Take 3 deep breaths. Notice your surroundings. Step out in nature to visit something green for a couple of minutes.

By doodling a pin, we are starting the process of claiming ourselves, our place in this world, and our presence.

In essence we are saying, "Here I am and my spot in the world matters!"

If you would like more mindfulness and self-compassion doodle lessons I've attached the link below to a previously recorded live Doodle Course (June 2021) on this very topic.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Doodle Course - $25

You matter and I appreciate you being here. ☺️



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