2 Minute Doodle Teaching - Relational Repair

Repair in Relationships

Join the little doodle characters as they explain the importance of honoring the timing of both yourself and the other person as you seek to repair a recent relational rupture. 

A disagreement, fight, or misunderstanding is to be expected in our most important relationships. This is a relational rupture. A rupture can also be unintentional as with a preoccupied parent, a partner that is looking at their phone when they say their listening to you, or a friend that forgets to call you back. A rupture in a relationship hurts.

Space is needed when a relationship has a struggle. Time for self reflection and understanding before you head back to talk over what happened. Allow yourself all the time you need.

Remove yourself for a bit, get some water, take a walk or draw yourself a bath, journal or call a friend, and give yourself as much time as you need before you reengage with your loved one.

When you feel as if you gained clarity you can ask the other person if they are ready to talk. Honor their answer. If they are not ready yet allow them the space they need. Remind yourself of the security you feel in your relationship, of the other times you have successfully worked through things. 

As always, I'm very glad we're healing together... one doodle at a time.

xo ~ Dr. Trish.




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