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Inner Child

How do I care for my Inner Child if I was never taught how?

I often hear from clients how difficult and awkward it feels to listen to their inner child. Many of times it's because:

  • There was no one to role model self-care
  • Their childhood was unhappy and they're scared to re-visit old feelings
  • They feel silly because they are grown now

The list could go on and on. We find ways to resist those places inside that make us most nervous. Dissociation of childhood memories is a common phenomenon. With dissociation of memories, the inner child is often n…

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Being a "good enough" parent to your inner child

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Do you ever stop and listen to the negative words you say to yourself? Do you notice how you feel after another glass of wine? Do you force yourself to show up at social events that you would rather not go to?

These are just some examples of how your inner world may be giving you clues on what they need, and don't need. With parts work we are learning to re-parent ourselves and to really listen to our internal reac…

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