5 loving things to say to your Inner Child

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I don't like to admit it, but I haven't always spoken as nice to myself as I do now.

The truth is there's a voice within me that thinks she's helpful by being "realistic," "critical" and downright "hurtful" at times.

For most of us it often takes months or years to begin to recognize that voice, or to even hear it.

That's how ingrained our negative self-talk becomes in our lives. It's as if we're in a tunnel trying to guide our way through life and every time we hit the sides a negative alert is broadcast internally.

With reparenting we can offer kinder, wiser, words to our Inner World. -Providing security and helping us safely navigate our way through the tunnels.

This week on Doodle to Connect we explore the messages that our Inner Child hears, how they are internalized and learning new phrases we can say to offer support and love inside that is so deeply needed.

5 Loving Things IC yt thumbnail

You can access the video here or continue reading along below.

For this exercise I invite you to open your journal to a new page. Doodle alongside me while adding to your own safe space on one side of the page. Maybe including a sketch of your Inner Child who longs to hear these words.

The other side of the two page spread will be reserved for the 5 loving phrases you can say to your Inner Child.

5 Loving Things You Can Say to Your Inner Child

  1. You are valuable
  2. Your words matter
  3. You are important to me
  4. I won't leave you alone
  5. You are loved just as you are

Find ways to incorporate these phrases into your day. Re-write them in your journal. Put them on sticky notes and place them around your home or car. Add them to a meditation or quiet time as a loving kindness mantra.

Repeat the phrases as often as you remember. We are rewiring our brain to be able to hold the new message. That always takes time and repetition.

Feel free to continue adding more kind and loving phrases to your page as they come to you. 

We can often know what we need to hear when we listen to the trembling within. The desire to be seen and loved is still in there... waiting to be acknowledged.

Holding you close to my heart...



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