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Teach me to Draw: A Thumbs Up

Doodle to Connect Episode 1: 

Featuring guest artist, Ian Phillips (my son ūüėä).

I often allow inspiration to guide my doodles. Often, for me, the doodle appears first and sometime later the message follows. Other times I will find a word, poem, quote, or in this case an exercise in a book that sparked my interest. 

My previous two blog posts had me exploring the idea of affirmations and how we can create new neural pathways within our brain by repeating tenderly crafted sayings that fit our so…

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Creative Healing 101 - Combining Shapes with Doodling

This Doodle Lesson combines the basic shapes that we drew in the previous blog post allowing us to create everyday objects.

Materials used:

Happy Doodling,

Dr. Trish

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Creative Healing 101 - Doodling Shapes

When we allow ourselves to scribble or doodle we are giving our overactive thinking mind a break. This "distraction" allows us to bring our attention to what is right in front of us, our scratch paper and pen...

In this video I will demonstrate drawing basic shapes. Continuing to work on lines and shapes is like building a visual alphabet. Soon we'll begin combining shapes to make recognizable objects. 

Allow yourself the freedom to be a beginner again and just enjoy the process. If you need t…

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Creative Healing 101 - Doodling lines

Learning to draw again, as we did when we were children, allows our expressive, body based brain to come alive. 

This is helpful when we feel stress, panic, fear, or simply don't have words to describe what were experiencing. 

For this exercise grab a piece of scratch paper and a pen and follow along.

In this video I'm using Suffle Art Marker Set and Canson Watercolor Paper or I also love Mixed Media Paper

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I'm not wrong!

It's exhausting to constantly feel WRONG and battle that thought in your mind.

Let's explore the opposite. What if you're not wrong. What if you never were.

xo - Trish.

Music thanks to: (acoustic breeze).

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Let's Dance

A Doodle to Connect demonstration. What do you do when All Else Fails? 

Over here... We dance!

Let's learn together. One Doodle at a Time.

xo, Trish.

Music thanks to: (acoustic breeze).

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