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Life Lessons: From my Neurodivergent Daughter

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5 loving things to say to your Inner Child

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I don't like to admit it, but I haven't always spoken as nice to myself as I do now.

The truth is there's a voice within me that thinks she's helpful by being "realistic," "critical" and downright "hurtful" at times.

For most of us it often takes months or years to begin to recognize that voice, or to even hear it.

That's how ingrained our negative self-talk becomes in our lives. It's as if we're in a tunnel trying to guide our way through life and every time we hit the sides a negative alert…

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Words have impact

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Many of us grew up being reminded that, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me."

Is that true? 🧐

I use my journal to explore old poems, song lyrics, and nursery rhymes.

I start with the words, add a little doodle person, and notice what bubbles up as the two meet.

  • What facial expression is my little doodle person asking to have?
  • Would they have a verbal response to the song lyric or nursery rhyme?
  • What is my body response as I work in my journal?

We may r…

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Carrying your Inner Child 💞


I remember moments when my children were young, full of emotion, and basically inconsolable.

Oh so many days, right?!

In those moments they didn't need a lecture about their behavior or how they were expressing themselves. 

They needed support. They needed love. A lot of the time they simply needed carried.

I find the same is true for our Inner Child.

As we work towards embodied wholeness, there will be moments when you become aware that a part of you is struggling.

On an adult level, we m…

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How do I care for my Inner Child if I was never taught how?

I often hear from clients how difficult and awkward it feels to listen to their inner child. Many of times it's because:

  • There was no one to role model self-care
  • Their childhood was unhappy and they're scared to re-visit old feelings
  • They feel silly because they are grown now

The list could go on and on. We find ways to resist those places inside that make us most nervous. Dissociation of childhood memories is a common phenomenon. With dissociation of memories, the inner child is often n…

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Being a "good enough" parent to your inner child

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Do you ever stop and listen to the negative words you say to yourself? Do you notice how you feel after another glass of wine? Do you force yourself to show up at social events that you would rather not go to?

These are just some examples of how your inner world may be giving you clues on what they need, and don't need. With parts work we are learning to re-parent ourselves and to really listen to our internal reac…

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