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Anxious? Release energy from the body...


Do you ever try to explore your anxious mind and end up feeling confused or more anxious?

Trying to help our anxious mind solve a problem when we're in the throws of anxiety is like trying to repair a car as it's driving down the road.

It's physics really... increased motion leads to more motion. Trying to handle anxiety with an anxious mind, leads to increased anxiety.

The anxious mind forces the body to amplify anxiety with increased physiological functioning (increased heart rate, increase…

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A Doodle Exercise to Stop Outsourcing Approval

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Do you find yourself in an everlasting loop of seeking approval from someone on the outside?

Welcome to the club. The icky yucky truth is we can sometimes never get enough reassurance from anyone on the outside club!

Building an inner committee of support that's always there to remind us that we are:

  • okay
  • doing good enough
  • loving and lovable
  • kind
  • fun
  • imperfectly perfect

It takes time to build our inner committee of support... and I found little creative tricks to help along the way…

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Affirmations create new neural pathways

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We hear messages from every angle to think positively, look on the bright side, or be grateful.

Yet if you're anything like me, your brain interjects a BIG "yeah, but" or maybe a simple "hmpfh" squeaks out of your mouth in disbelief.

Our internal defense systems, old patterns for safety, and subconscious core negative beliefs are right there to raise a flag in disagreement the minute something positive is introduced into our system.

This doesn't make you defective, disordered, or broken dear …

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How do I care for my Inner Child if I was never taught how?

I often hear from clients how difficult and awkward it feels to listen to their inner child. Many of times it's because:

  • There was no one to role model self-care
  • Their childhood was unhappy and they're scared to re-visit old feelings
  • They feel silly because they are grown now

The list could go on and on. We find ways to resist those places inside that make us most nervous. Dissociation of childhood memories is a common phenomenon. With dissociation of memories, the inner child is often n…

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Being a "good enough" parent to your inner child

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Do you ever stop and listen to the negative words you say to yourself? Do you notice how you feel after another glass of wine? Do you force yourself to show up at social events that you would rather not go to?

These are just some examples of how your inner world may be giving you clues on what they need, and don't need. With parts work we are learning to re-parent ourselves and to really listen to our internal reac…

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We're "under construction" when we do Inner Work

As we do our own Inner Work it is important that we create an environment that feels supportive and nurturing as we uncover, grow and heal.

I like to think of it like building the safe construction site to do the work in.

Explore what you need in that environment? Who you need on your construction team? What tools or comfort items need to be readily available?

We are all a work in progress and the more we can build our strong and kind foundation the deeper the work we can do.

Thank you for b…

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Our Body as A Barometer During Difficult Conversations

Staying in a difficult conversation can feel very challenging. Our bodies are wired to alert us of any potential threat and when we are in a heated conversation with a co-worker, discussing an important topics with a loved one, or exploring a delicate subject with our teenager our body may be trying to tell us to ABORT THE CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW!

Leaning into a difficult conversation we can learn to read our own internal body signals as signs to where we may be closed off, have some inner work …

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It's Time We Look at Our Own Baggage!

We ALL have Baggage!  We just do. There's no escaping it really. We grow up in relationship, with our caregivers, teachers, friends, relatives, and we get wounded. Wounds create baggage. 

Take a quick listen as I explain a bit about baggage and then if you feel called to dive in a little deeper I have a 7 pg. mini e-workbook available for $3.

xo - Trish.

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Noise is Everywhere! 4 tips for auditory overload.

I notice sound.

I have always noticed sounds.

Therefore, I believe, sound naturally surrounds me. From mantle clocks I was placed under as an infant, to peacocks running wild and squawking around my childhood home. To choices I’ve made in my life that have included sounds such as living under a flight path for LAX or by a freeway. Sound is always with me.

Even when I have the well thought out intention to avoid noise, it finds me. For example, in my current suite of offices, I intentionally c…

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