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Affirmations create new neural pathways

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We hear messages from every angle to think positively, look on the bright side, or be grateful.

Yet if you're anything like me, your brain interjects a BIG "yeah, but" or maybe a simple "hmpfh" squeaks out of your mouth in disbelief.

Our internal defense systems, old patterns for safety, and subconscious core negative beliefs are right there to raise a flag in disagreement the minute something positive is introduced into our system.

This doesn't make you defective, disordered, or broken dear …

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Doodle Heart Exercise

email doodle 7.19.22

You may have days when checking inside with your Inner World may feel too broad, unending, or just plain overwhelming.

On those days I like to simplify.

This is a simple doodle exercise for you to practice checking in with yourself. All it requires is:

  • a piece of paper
  • pencil/pen
  • and that moment during the day when you notice your heart

As you are going about your day and feel that twinge, cringe, or ache inside... allow yourself to stop for just a moment. Take a breath. What do you no…

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Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Doodle Lesson

This Doodle Lesson discusses Mindfulness & Self-Compassion.

Materials used:

Happy Doodling,

Dr. Trish

Video is 5 minutes in length, set to music. Music courtesy of: (acoustic breeze)

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Noise is Everywhere! 4 tips for auditory overload.

I notice sound.

I have always noticed sounds.

Therefore, I believe, sound naturally surrounds me. From mantle clocks I was placed under as an infant, to peacocks running wild and squawking around my childhood home. To choices I’ve made in my life that have included sounds such as living under a flight path for LAX or by a freeway. Sound is always with me.

Even when I have the well thought out intention to avoid noise, it finds me. For example, in my current suite of offices, I intentionally c…

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One of THOSE days... finding that inner compassionate voice.

Do you ever have one of those days…

Either it feels that nothing goes right, there’s just too much to do, or everything you say comes out wrong.

We might start the day feeling very optimistic, “Today will be a good day!” And if you’re anything like me, some mishap occurs within the first few minutes of waking up… “Ugh! The toilet paper roll is empty?” “I spilled my coffee… again.” Life is riddled with small little incidents that can throw us off course. If we let them.

Tandy enc…

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Surviving my first silent retreat!

I always come back to this…

Let your thoughts go. Be here now. Focus on your breath.

A couple of years ago I attended my first weekend silent retreat. How hard could it be to be silent for 48 hours. It was hard (and I cheated a little bit). I’m pretty sure the only reason my head didn’t explode was that I cheated and talked to my hubby at night. Oh and I also texted my daughter. Okay, so maybe I cheated a lot!

I felt pretty confident going in as I practice meditation and mindfulness quite a…

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