Carrying your Inner Child 💞


I remember moments when my children were young, full of emotion, and basically inconsolable.

Oh so many days, right?!

In those moments they didn't need a lecture about their behavior or how they were expressing themselves. 

They needed support. They needed love. A lot of the time they simply needed carried.

I find the same is true for our Inner Child.

As we work towards embodied wholeness, there will be moments when you become aware that a part of you is struggling.

On an adult level, we may feel burnt out, tired, or unheard by someone in our life.

Yet our child within may internalize what is happening in a whole different way.

Intense emotions may follow.

These different ways of experiencing a situation that occurs in your life can create an inner conflict between the adult part of you and the suffering little part of you.

Whenever I feel this I remember that my inner conflicts generally involve a part of me that feels small, voiceless, and as if their opinion doesn't matter.

Without acknowledging our own inner experience the inner turmoil can grow into what feels like an Inner Child tantrum.

Carry Inner Child blog 2

It makes sense, right? A part of us is not being heard, by us, and it just gets louder until we either listen or we apply an old coping skill to stop the inner conflict (alcohol, food, sex, shopping, you know... all the things).

This is what the listening could look like:


The next time you find yourself stuck in an inner conflict, try listening with these steps:

  • STOP:
    • Notice the inner conflict
    • Take a deep breath
  • HEART:
    • Place a hand on your heart
    • What or who am I not listening too inside?
    • Send loving care and energy to that place within
    • Listen to the words that are needed and say them from the most loving place inside
    • Ex: I hear you, I got you, I'm with you, I know you're scared... we'll go slow

Practice returning to yourself over and over again.

You deserve the attention.

Love - Dr. Trish

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