Teach me to Draw: A Thumbs Up

Doodle to Connect Episode 1: 

Featuring guest artist, Ian Phillips (my son 😊).

I often allow inspiration to guide my doodles. Often, for me, the doodle appears first and sometime later the message follows. Other times I will find a word, poem, quote, or in this case an exercise in a book that sparked my interest. 

My previous two blog posts had me exploring the idea of affirmations and how we can create new neural pathways within our brain by repeating tenderly crafted sayings that fit our soul (affirmations).

Working with an exercise in Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, I started to see an image of my doodle girl to fit the affirmation: I believe in myself.

I began to sketch, and sketch, and sketch some more. 

In my heart and mind I clearly saw my doodle girl with her outstretched arm supporting a thumbs up, symbolizing... I believe in myself.

I kept getting stuck drawing hands and the thumbs up so I asked Ian if he could help. 

10 hours later we were on a zoom call recording this video so you could follow along. 

Doodle to Connect is about connecting, creating, and sharing together in community. Oh and there's lots of laughter too. We invite you to join in and doodle along.

Create your very own Thumbs Up and post it where you'll see it everyday. Allow it to help you to remember that: I approve of myself. Repeat the phrase many times throughout the day. Let's see what happens!

You can read the full blog post here: A Doodle Exercise to Stop Outsourcing Approval

I'd love to see your thumbs up if you would like to share! Tag me @thedoodledoc on Instagram

Love - Dr. Trish

P. S. 

A lot of you are always asking what materials I prefer to use when I create my doodles so I will start listing them with Amazon links. ☺️ For this video I'm using my Pigma Sensei Pens (my personal favorite right now) and Winsor & Newton Mixed Media 9 x 12 pad. Remember you can join along with a pen or pencil and scratch paper... whatever you have is just right!


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